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I am a graphic designer.  A frustrated one at that.  I’m more on the technical side.  I don’t really have that much creative juice as the owner of the blog I’ll be linking to in a while.  But I do appreciate appealing visual design.  I do club t-shirts once in a while, and I doodle when boredom sets in.  See the header at the top?  That was what I had in mind when I titled my blog 🙂

Now, for those of you who work extensively with words and letters, whether for formal documents, invitations, or anything where you want to write something, make sure they look good and convey the right message visually.  Here’s something from Just Creative Design.  It says it’s for graphic designers, but it sure helps us stop wondering why some of our lettering projects seem to be lacking impact.


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It would probably be a computer utopia if everything you ever need to spend on while using the computer is hardware, electricity, and your internet connection.  At the same time, your system is still running in tiptop shape.  As an essential step to that, a little help from Lifehacker is nice.

It may be the year 2008, but a whole lot of sucktacular software still rears its ugly head on PC’s everywhere, even when better-behaved options are freely available. Whether it’s molasses-slow bloatware, shameless adware, anemic default apps, or “Your trial period has expired!” nagware, it’s time to replace stinky Windows software with its superior (but lesser-known) alternative.

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After a little debate with my brother, this is the answer to Science Question 001:

No.  To keep the answer simple, try jumping while on a fast-moving train.  Or much better, try jumping while you are near its tail end.  What happens?  You do not get left behind (or get thrown out the rear door).

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Boredom sets in…

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