Desktop Screenshot 002

Wandering around DeviantArt, I envied all those minimalist themes they had out there. Now I finally found out how they did it. Customizing it is a little bit geekier than Flyakite. I’m still finding my way around this.

FlyakiteOSX + LiteStep + RocketDock

  • LiteStep – you need this to fully customize the taskbar, tray, etc.
  • ProjectMecha v2 LiteStep theme (I tweaked it to my taste a little bit) [LINK]
  • RocketDock
  • RocketDock icons are “Litho” from IconFactory
  • wallpaper is “Cielo” [LINK]

Last semester while doing research for our thesis writing course, citing web sites was a lot of trouble. Authors and dates of publication rarely showed up. I had to bring up Google Desktop’s scratchpad widget to take citation notes if I was able to catch some of that fish.

Enter Zotero. This Firefox extension sniffs out citation notes from web pages. Well, not all pages. Apparently a web page has to be constructed in some way that makes it readable by Zotero–something like the meta tags that Google uses to find out information about that page.

Right now, there is still not much research going on in my academic life.

I be trying out Zotero next semester for our undergraduate thesis.

Science Question 001

What if you hovered in midair for quite some time, will you eventually go over a different place?

Say, you started hovering in the Philippines. You stay that way for 12 hours. Now you want to get back down to the ground. The question is:

Will you set foot somewhere in Mexico or Panama (or some place with the same latitude but on the opposite side of the world)?

Or will you still set foot on the same point from where you started hovering?

Always being a curious cat, I have decided to put up a Science Questions category. These inherently quirky questions are beyond Google’s capabilities (or maybe just difficult to formulate so that Google can understand), thus I put them up here for open discussion. I haven’t tried Yahoo! Answers yet. I will sometime.

breelee’s stunning experience at a pirated DVD store made me realize that I had an animé growth gap. In one of her comments she said she was a late bloomer. I say I had growth gap. I may just have been a picky eater.

May I walk you down memory lane?

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Just a while ago I finally found the solution to this problem. It’s in post #4 by Anonymous.

I had long been a “non-fan” of Windows XP’s user interface. With all that unnecessary eye candy and emboss effects, it seems to take up too much screen real estate.

So I began using FlyakiteOSX, a transformation pack which turns your XP world (albeit only visually) to a Mac world. Well, this basically means that I’m sort of a frustrated Mac fan, since I couldn’t afford it as of now.

What problem was that I was just talking about?

Windows Update KB925902 and FlyakiteOSX cannot coexist at a certain FlyakiteOSX configuration. Calc.exe stops working. So do some other applications (e.g. Qumana) and some setup programs. They display a dialog box that says “Illegal System DLL Relocation” and mentions user32.dll and shell32.dll.

Some solutions suggest installing KB935448, but it didn’t work for me.

I presume you’re here because you already have FlyakiteOSX installed, and everything is set up the way you like it. Based on the solution I just found, here’s what I did:

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I had just wrapped up Season 3 of Prison Break.

On a jeepney this morning, I saw this man. The first thing I noticed about him was a full sleeve of tattoos. Almost immediately, a train of thoughts passed by:

“Ooh, was that his escape plan?”

“He has probably done time.”

“And that’s a bright yellow shirt he’s wearing.”

Yes, he wore a bright yellow shirt. Out here in the Philippines, prisoners wore orange overalls. Or was it yellow? I forgot.

He was a bit unkempt, with a thuggish appearance. And he wore a yellow shirt.

“Inmate” shirts were popular for a time. They said “Psychiatric Ward”, “Maximum Security”, whatever invoked fear and uncertainty.

I wanted to know what was printed on his yellow shirt. Then I saw it.

In bold and black:

“Do not judge me.”