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Just a while ago I finally found the solution to this problem. It’s in post #4 by Anonymous.

I had long been a “non-fan” of Windows XP’s user interface. With all that unnecessary eye candy and emboss effects, it seems to take up too much screen real estate.

So I began using FlyakiteOSX, a transformation pack which turns your XP world (albeit only visually) to a Mac world. Well, this basically means that I’m sort of a frustrated Mac fan, since I couldn’t afford it as of now.

What problem was that I was just talking about?

Windows Update KB925902 and FlyakiteOSX cannot coexist at a certain FlyakiteOSX configuration. Calc.exe stops working. So do some other applications (e.g. Qumana) and some setup programs. They display a dialog box that says “Illegal System DLL Relocation” and mentions user32.dll and shell32.dll.

Some solutions suggest installing KB935448, but it didn’t work for me.

I presume you’re here because you already have FlyakiteOSX installed, and everything is set up the way you like it. Based on the solution I just found, here’s what I did:



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