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I had just wrapped up Season 3 of Prison Break.

On a jeepney this morning, I saw this man. The first thing I noticed about him was a full sleeve of tattoos. Almost immediately, a train of thoughts passed by:

“Ooh, was that his escape plan?”

“He has probably done time.”

“And that’s a bright yellow shirt he’s wearing.”

Yes, he wore a bright yellow shirt. Out here in the Philippines, prisoners wore orange overalls. Or was it yellow? I forgot.

He was a bit unkempt, with a thuggish appearance. And he wore a yellow shirt.

“Inmate” shirts were popular for a time. They said “Psychiatric Ward”, “Maximum Security”, whatever invoked fear and uncertainty.

I wanted to know what was printed on his yellow shirt. Then I saw it.

In bold and black:

“Do not judge me.”


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