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After a little debate with my brother, this is the answer to Science Question 001:

No.  To keep the answer simple, try jumping while on a fast-moving train.  Or much better, try jumping while you are near its tail end.  What happens?  You do not get left behind (or get thrown out the rear door).


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What if you hovered in midair for quite some time, will you eventually go over a different place?

Say, you started hovering in the Philippines. You stay that way for 12 hours. Now you want to get back down to the ground. The question is:

Will you set foot somewhere in Mexico or Panama (or some place with the same latitude but on the opposite side of the world)?

Or will you still set foot on the same point from where you started hovering?

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Always being a curious cat, I have decided to put up a Science Questions category. These inherently quirky questions are beyond Google’s capabilities (or maybe just difficult to formulate so that Google can understand), thus I put them up here for open discussion. I haven’t tried Yahoo! Answers yet. I will sometime.

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